$100.00/Pr + shipping

*Limited runs each season*

Designed for getting wet and staying put. these 1000 denier Cordura shell will minicell padding well surpass other soft pads on the market. Mesh sleeve and velcro overstraps keep everything in place. One size fits most (contact me for specific fit)

Genesis, Encore, Probe, Spark, Zephyr, and other bags sets over 54" add$40.00

**Custom designs quoted per customer. Please contact me before ordering

Breakdown paddle pocket add: $20.00​

two layer set

Single color: $386.00/pr* and up^

Comes standard with two gear pockets on stern bag.

single bag 60" or longer = $180.00

36"-54" bag - single = $134.00

* Current run available only in royal blue

Second color add: $20.00​

​contact me for color availability

Please note: All bags are custom built to order. Allow a min. of 3-4 weeks lead time for your order to ship.

Creek boat bags: $75.00/pr Stomper, burn, Nomad etc.

Long boat bags: $100.00/pr Stinger, Green boat, dancer, etc

Canoe Pogies

Single layer set

36"-54" bags: $268.00/pr

* Current run available only in royal blue

Limited stock available

                                  Most Items made to order.

One traditional style for paddle shaft, and one T-grip mitt 

 Sewn into deck of stern bag shell. pocket accessible through zipper.

Single layer set  60" or longer: $360.00/pr

Kayak/C1 bag set

Same material/construction as our canoe bags Play boat bags: $60.00/pr

Custom Elbow pads


BomberBag shells

Already have bags? these shells are fitted to your canoe design and will allow you to use larger bags in smaller boats.

Base price for single color choice: $175.00/pr

second color: $20

custom designs: $50-$100+ (contact for quote)