**Please note ALL bags are custom built to order. Allow a minimum of 3 weeks lead time on all orders

​Two layer bag sets allow a minimum of4-6 weeksto ship

Shells only  $175-$300/pr

Already have liners and need shells? We can do that.

​ The Bags:

Fall Line Canoe's Bomber Bags were created from a need for quality airbags. We started with a urethane/nylon composite fabric for the inner bladder. A high flow Halkey-Roberts raft style valve and a urethane fill tube come standard.

The liners themselves double as light weight single layer bags without the shell.

For serious flotation we have designed a fitted Rip-stop/Cordura shell that accepts the liner and provides a stiffer bag with more water displacement.


single layer bags​  $250-$300/pr

- Light weight Urethane/Nylon composite liner

- Low profile high flow raft style dump valve

- Urethane fill tube with micro valve (no more broken/lost screw caps)

- Heat sealed seams

- Sized to fit better than existing bags on the market

- Repairable/Recyclable, bags can be patched and re-sealed. valves can re recycled into new bags.

- Two year warranty single layer bags, after that repairs/replacements will be quoted for a minimal cost.

Two layer bags  $375-$500/pr

- Liner is the same as the single layer bags

- Nylon/Poly shell is patterned to fit specific canoe models.

- Mesh 1/2 panel on bottom provides drainage for bags.

- Tough coil type zipper place gunnel to gunnel for easy access to liners/*breakdown pocket(*optional)

- Gear pockets on stern bag shell comes standard.

- Many colors available for deck and saddle panel (sides and bottom typically black or grey. ask about full color option.

- Custom designs and patterns available upon request, contact me for a quote.

- Two year warranty on liners and shells, minimal repair/replacement charge there after

Kayak/C1 bags  $75-$100.00/pr

- Our Kayak/C1 bags are built just like the single layer canoe bags.

- Sized to fit modern and old school boats

- urethane fill tube with extension and micro valve.

- Tie in tabs to keep them in place.

- Same Two year warranty as canoe bags.